The fear of not being love

Sometimes we want things in our life not because we need them but because we are afraid that people won’t love us if we don’t have these things.

We want things because we believe that these things have power to prevent what we fear.

For instance, women want to look beautiful and men want to become rich because they are afraid they won’t be loved if they aren’t meet the standards of world.

We have raised our standards not because we want these standards. We just wanted to fit in this world. We just wanted to be accepted by our society. We just wanted to be loved.

The fear of not being love sometimes, turn us in a person we actually never wanted to become.


Happiness is something that comes from inside you. You can not take it from others because its already belong to you. You just have to find it.

One day you are going to realize it that happiness was never about your degree, about your salary or about your love. Happiness was never about following others and being like others.

One day you will find that happiness was always about listening to your heart and following it where ever it chooses to go. It was about following your own dream and listening to your own songs. It was about embracing the person you are becoming and being kinder to yourself.

One day you will understand that happiness was always about you. It was always about loving yourself. It was always about being yourself.

Your happiness was never in the hands of others. It never comes from others. It was always insides you. It was always about you.

What need to heal? Heart or Mind..

Your heart will fix itself. It’s your mind that you need to worry about.

Your mind where you locked millions of memories, your mind where you have pieces of the ones that hurt you, that still cut through you like shards of glass.

Your mind will keep you up at night, make you cry, destroy you over and over again.

You need to convince your mind that it has to let go…

Because your heart already knows how to heal.

Broken Dream

Living with a broken dream is like passing through a dark tunnel where you have no idea what is happening and where is the exit. You keep on walking lonely but find no end to this despair and darkness.

Our dreams are what that makes us different from others. And when we invest ourselves to them they become the part of our soul and the things attach to our soul are difficult to detach.

However, there comes a time in the course of life when these dreams can’t be accomplish. The reason can be anything. But when a dream breaks you can felt that pain inside your body like your soul is falling appart.

Time may heal everything but only when you want to heal. When the dream breaks, its broken pieces still remain insides you and these shards cause continuous pain which cannot be heal by time. The only way is to get rid of that broken pieces and then you can heal from this pain in few moments.

But how? After all its your dream. You have invest your time and soul to it. How can you let this dream go in just few seconds when you live your life for it. Are you going to give up?

No, This is not giving up. This is letting go the things which are not yours. Sometimes we have to let go the things which are not made for us because holding on to them cause more pain then letting go. The broken pieces of your dream can only be remove by letting your dream go.

Only you can create the exit to this dark tunnel. It may be dark there and you may be alone but you have to come out of it.

Because this is your life.

You can’t break yourself over a broken dream. It may be your life but it is not your end. Lets start again from the begining but this time with new ideas and old experiences.

Don’t consume your life over a dream that is no more.

Dreams are like stars in the sky. If one star falls from the sky, there are million more left behind. So, just pick another one and make it the brightest star in the constellation of your life.

Meaning of Excitement

Excitement is not always about something big…

Sometimes, its about million little things

I used to be scared of excitement. Because whenever i got excited, i always get disappointed. For me, excitement was a type of pain because when it came to me, i got nothing but frustation.

And i know why i feel this way. Things only happens to me when I stop praying for them, when I stop thinking about them and when there presence or absence have no meaning in my life. So i thought, its okay to feel this way but it wasn’t okay.

May be i didn’t know the meaning of excitement back then, thats why it disappointed me. I had considered excitement a big thing but it was something more than that.

Now, i have changed the meaning of excitement. May be getting a really big news or going for an unexpected trip makes you excited but that is not all about excitement.

I think excitement is “when your heart races”

And if this is excitement, then yes I have experienced it millions of time. My heart races when my mom smiles at me. I feel excited when someone says, “Thanks! I am really happy because of you”. I think helping some one makes me excited. I feel excited when my basktetball pass through the hoop and when i sketched something.

Doing something you love or be with someone you love, is another way for getting excited.

And i think I don’t have to think a lot about how I can get excited. I can be excited by doing crazy little things.

Sometimes, you get to know about your emotions by just giving a meaning to them.

I was disappointed because i was wrong somewhere in understanding this emotion.

Now i think i know the true meaning of excitement and i am truly excited now.

Your place in my heart❤

Everyone has its own place in your heart.

But, when the people leave, their place become empty.

After their departure, some fill the space with anger, some with revenge and some with tears.

While some welcome others to fill this space.

However, the best way is to fill this emptiness with beautiful memories of that person.

And if you don’t have beautiful memories, just fill it with experience instead of pain.

This is the key to peace💛

This is the way to live😊

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